Areas of Expertise

Personal Spaceflight Advisors LLC takes a unique approach in evaluating you and your goal of personal spaceflight which forms the basis of exploring other possibilities for transformation in other important areas of your life.  The achievement of this goal is also a powerful metaphor of what you can also achieve that you could only imagine up to now.

The Personal Spaceflight Development Program

We have developed a unique process to discover your true motivation, your aspirations and address your concerns. We call this the Spaceflight Participant Development Program. We work to answer all your questions and help you in reaching a decision as to the best method to pursue in becoming a spaceflight participant.

Personal Spaceflight Advisors believes in a comprehensive, integrative and conversational approach. In this way the client can feel confident of the best possible outcome for achieving their goal.  The initial meeting takes place in a location convenient to the prospective client. We can assist individuals throughout North America and internationally.

A Holistic Approach to your Goals of Personal Spaceflight and Other Areas of Your Life

Mr. Young will conduct a preliminary series of questions and listen carefully to your answers. From these answers, he will outline a path best suited to you. We believe a collaborative relationship best serves the needs and truly meets the desires of the future spaceflight participant. The Spaceflight Participant Development Program is specifically tailored to each individual.

The Benefits to You

  1. The initial consultation and evaluation is at no cost.
  2. After your evaluation, you will have a greater sense of what you can achieve.
  3. You will be clear about the value PSA can bring to your life goals.

Becoming a Partner with Personal Spaceflight Advisors

The next step is to make Personal Spaceflight Advisors LLC a partner in your quest. When you choose to become a client of Personal Spaceflight Advisors, the fee will be discussed and payment made at the time of signing the agreement. We will then begin to outline the next steps in your journey and discuss the specifics of the method you have chosen, whether it is near-space, suborbital or orbital spaceflight.

Personal Spaceflight Adivisors is with you all the way

Details of our advising services up to the day of your trip into space will be explained to the client at the first meeting prior to signing the agreement with Personal Spaceflight Advisors LLC.  Some necessary training and familiarization is necessary for suborbital flight. Orbital flights involve considerable financial investment and significant training time required in the U. S. in order to be qualified for a mission to the International Space Station.

To Learn More, Download The Personal Spaceflight Experience:

Please use the Contact form to take the first step in achieving your goal of personal spaceflight. We look forward to working with you to achieve this transformative experience.